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This deviation was deleted

:iconrainbowletteraplz:kai Dalia
Here are my reasons why I don't care for it.

1. Took away her face fluff.
Okay, so why did they have to do that? It doesn't make any sense to take it away. My guess is to, make her fit in. Which is stupid because, the face fluff makes her a little different then the same damn facial design SEGA uses over and over. Examples:

See what I mean?
It all looks the same.
Except for Amy, who's nose is smaller then the other three.
So by, taking this away it's only making her one step closer to being the same unoriginal design.

2. Closed Jacket, Pants
- All this is, is censorship that is highly unneeded. Sally was naked, yes, but, in SatAM they were trying to get a "natural" feel to her. Since she's a chipmunk and how she was always more in touch with nature then the others. She never showed her vagina or nipples. Why? Cause it's a kids show. Why censor something that doesn't need to be censored?
I'll tell you why.
To again, fit in with SEGA's "laws" of clothing.
That girls HAVE to where clothes to cover them up while, boys can run around naked unless, they are a human like Eggman.
I don't want her to fit into SEGA (of Japan).
She was unique before. Now it's taking that away.
The only good part of this that is "good" is that people can't go around screaming how she's a "naked slut" and all that bullcrap.

3. The Gloves
- Jesus Christ stop trying to make her fit in so much! And if you're gonna give her gloves don't make them stupid overused recolors of Amy's.

4. The Boots
- Unneeded redesign. They most likely only changed they shoes just because, everything else was changed and they couldn't live with one thing being the same.
I know you recently decided to keep Akai as one of your characters. And dare I ask, but does she serve any other purpose than being Sonic's toy? [link] [link] [link]

:iconrainbowlettersplz: ally Acorn

We all know there is a lot of Sally hatred out there, even after she made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up her free will and body to save the entire world. One thing I notice is that a lot of the time people that try to defend Sally often show her as crying or angry, when in truth the Sally we all know and love would meet this kind of hatred in only one way. With a clear and calm mind, and to talk to these people like the diplomat that she is. Whether the people she talks to would be willing to talk about facts and logic or just stick to their blind hatred though, is entirely up to them.

I could see being indifferent to Sally or having no really caring about her, but to flat out hate her and want her gone for good? I mean this is a strong feminine roll model we have here that honestly cares about her people and is willing to get her hands dirty to save the day, how can you flat out hate someone like this so badly that you want her dead?

Bellow is a little list of why I think Sally doesn't deserve the hatred she's been getting for so long now, a lot of which was said in my Derpy/Sally art, with some new material added into it.

Now I've heard quite a few reasons for hating Sally, many of them double standard nonsense and others being entirely unfair. The easiest one to disprove is the way she dresses. Why do people follow the belief that male Mobians can be naked while females have to be fully clothed? Cause they have curves? Seems kinda pointless since they have fur so you see nothing extra then what you'd see from a lady wearing a leotard...or are you saying the female body is something to be ashamed of?

As far as how she's drawn in the comic, most of the time she's drawn in a chibi form and only every so often does she take a more human form. Either way, isn't that something to hate the artist for instead of Sally? Why hate her because of how someone chooses to draw her? Why hate a character because of how people choose to draw fan art of her? Wouldn't you have to hate almost every single female character in any franchise ever if that was the case? If she was male this wouldn't even remotely be an issue to even talk about. Don't bother bringing up that it's cause the males have animal shapes while females have curves, there are plenty of male characters without clothes that have rather human looking forms, try looking up Drago for one.

I even have a suspicion that the entire Mecha-Sally arc is one very long reason to have Sally start wearing full body clothing when she gets turned back to normal. I mean Robotnik alters her body and now it's covered in all blue instead of her fur coloring? It's pretty obvious that just like when Bunny had a leotard and a belt on when she was de-roboticized, Sally will also be wearing full body clothing when she gets turned back to normal. I hate the idea of Archie falling to peer pressure that makes no sense, but it's quite likely that by 250 we'll have a Sally with a new design that is fully covered -.- (although why she'd want to wear the clothes she had on due to being Mecha Sally, I don't know).

Another reason people pick on Sally is how a handful of the male characters seem attracted to her. So, why is that a problem again? Exactly how many female characters are attracted to Sonic? Doesn't he have a ton of people attracted to him as well? Why must Sally be singled out for this? Let's also not forget that virtually anyone besides Sonic that liked her is currently in or was in a relationship with someone else. None of the love interests are pining for Sally and waiting in the shadows to strike, they've started their own relationships with other people.
:iconrainbowletteryplz: aoi
This is not dissing any couples nor does it diss couple supporters. This is just an expression on how I feel about the couple wars. Along with the picture, this is a rant. If you are offended by some of the things I said, I apoligize. I need to get this out of my chest and move on with my life. Please don't flame if you're offended. Just ignore the rant. I respect everyone's opinions, always have, always will. You can read this rant if you want, just be respectful on what I have to say.

Whenever there's a TV show or a videogame you have come to adore that is popular, so popular that a cycle called fandom exists, especially on the internet. The best part about the internet is that you meet people with similiar interests as you and you have the opportunity to share your talents such as your fanart. Then you get into couples, and you really like to support them because it's fun. However, as you go deeper into the fandom, there is an ugly side to fandom.

That fandom is the disrespect of opinions on the couples and characters.

This picture is to show you all how I feel. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the constant arguments in the Sonic community. It's every single day I see this happening with the Sonic x Amy vs. Sonic x Blaze, Tails x Cream vs. Tails x Cosmo, the growing of anti-couple clubs, the growing of hate-anti-couple clubs. It goes along with the characters in general as well with the anti-character and the hate-anti-character and there are clubs of that.

It's really sickening to have people act like idiots and making others who had the same opinions as them feel ashamed to even coming across of liking the couple and now hating the couple because of the people who like the couple, hate the character that the ex-fans of the couple are fans of that character that "gets in the way" of the couple they support. I'm sick of rabid-Sonic fans forcing their opinions on other people, sick of rabid Shadow fangirls claiming Shadow as their own who disrespect other Shadow fangirls when they should keep their fantasies like "Oh, gotta go I have a date with Shadow BYE." comments on someone's userpage to themselves, sick of having to see people having their opinions forced so they change their minds into hating the things they used to like, sick of the like-to-hate a particular character crap, sick of people just hating the character because the character "gets in the way" of a couple the haters of that character support, sick of the issue of fans hating others because the others hate a character of which the fans are a fan of, sick of people thinking they're so right on everything and think they're "mature" and think they have the right information on the series like showing hints, and so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SICK of fans flaming the fans who support gay couples and they say that homosexuality is a bad thing, which it isn't.

Couples are a fun thing. Just because a support of couples exist doesn't mean the couples will be official to the series. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. They have a right to express their imagination. So what if Knuckles never seemed to show interest to Amy in the series? So what if Sonic never seemed to be gay in the series? It could happen with Knuckles and Amy to be together as a couple and Sonic and Shadow as a couple if you put your imagination to it. Anything is possible. Why?


That's right, it's fictional. Not real life. Why would people want to stab each other in the backs for a couple they disagree on when there are bigger things in the world to be concerned about such as their lives?

I know that the rant and the picture won't change anything, I just want to say how I feel about this. I'm not forcing anyone on what they think. Everyone does have a right to join anti-clubs/hate-anti clubs. It's just....I hate seeing these flame wars. But that's just how life goes. I don't know WHY..but do what you want. Just be respectful on what I have to say.

If you read the whole thing and you're not going to flame, thank you.

1 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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